New Card Games Launched at CS GO Betting Sites

CS GO Multi-Hand Blackjack GamesThere is often a time as a CS GO bettor you will fancy a change of scenery and may be considering playing some of the additional side games and casino games that are always available at betting sites, sports books and many CS GO bookmakers’ sites.

If that I something you have been thinking of doing then it is worth knowing that there are now a brand new range of casino games available to you that you can access either via a free play demo mode or can play them for real money too.

With that in mind below you will find a listing of some of those new casino card games and alongside each one listed we will also let you know what is unique about each of those games.

3 Card Poker Games – You have three different ways of playing 3 Card Poker games you can top to play the base game on its own or you can play just the pairs of better game or if you want you can place both of those two individual and separate bets together on each hand that is dealt out to you.

Three are a range of very high valued winning payouts that you can achieve when playing these types of card games so always take a look at the pay table to discover which hand is going to be the best one for you to bet on based on your own unique playing strategy!

Low House Edge Blackjack – You are going to want the very lowest house edges attached to whichever Blackjack game you do play when having some fun at a CS GO betting sites and getting stuck into playing their Baccarat games.

With that in mind it will be worth you taking a look at some of the brand new card games offered by NetEnt and Microgaming for by doing so you will find many of them when played perfectly return some very low and appealing house edges.

High Stakes Baccarat – One casino card game that you may already be familiar with but one that is going to give you the best chances of winning is the game of Baccarat, one thing you may appreciate when betting at any of our featured CS GO Sportsbooks is that each of those sites additional side games often include some very high stakes Baccarat games.

Let it Ride Poker – One find game that has been getting a lot of attention from players recently is the new launched let it ride poker game.

When playing this poker based game you have to place three initial bets but are allowed to pull one of them back as each new community card is revealed or if you think you hand will be a winning one you can let each of those three individual stakes ride!

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