Currency Options at CS GO SitesOne question often asked by anyone who is considering opening up a betting account to allow them to place wagers on CS GO games and tournament is whether they are going to be able to pick their home currency as the one in use on their account.

Well, we are happy to let you know that all of our featured betting sites are going to allow you to select one of several different currencies to be used on your newly opened accounts, and you will get to pick one when you are signing up as a new player!

Benefits of Using Your Home Currency

You will only have to take a look at the money markets and the daily Forex rates to realise that any country’s currency can fluctuate wildly throughout any given day of the week and by settings you CS GO betting account in your home currency you will not have to worry about those currency rate fluctuations!

Deposit options Available

One additional aspect of making deposits into any CS GO betting site account is that you will not want to have to pay any fees or charges on top of your deposited amount, as such you will find plenty of different banking options available at our approved sites so make sure you do select one which does not force you to pay any fees or charges such as using a debit card to made your deposits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can I gamble on at a CS GO betting site?

The Alley Cats slot is one of many different slot machines, slot games and fruit machines that you will additionally have access to when you sign up to any CS GO betting sites, and with so many different slots available at all CS GO sites you will have plenty of fun and winning opportunities playing them.

What you will find is that those online slots and mobile slots do come with some much higher payout percentages than land based slot machines and when you are gambling at a CS GO sportsbook or CS GO bookmakers site you will find the stake levels on those slot games are fully adjustable too!

Do all betting sites accept and allow CS GO bets?

You can play CSGO online or if you prefer you can play CSGO on a mobile device, however you are going to find that there are plenty of ways to bet on CSGO games and CSGO tournaments but to do so you will of course need to find a CSGO betting site!

As such we have a range of approved CSGO betting sites listed throughout our website and each of those betting sites, Sportsbooks and bookmakers not only offer a diverse range of different CS GO betting markets and betting platforms they will also be offering you the best CSGO betting odds too so make sure they are the betting sites you sign up to and gamble at!

Can Linux users play CS GO?

The beauty of CS GO is that it has been designed in such a way that no matter what type of operating system you are using you are going to find a gaming platform that will be fully compatible with your operating system.

Therefore if you are one of the many people who prefer using Linux then you will have no problems being able to access CS GO games and you will certainly not have any additional problems being able to access online betting site offering you odds on any up and coming matches or CS GO tournaments!

How wide and varied are CS GO betting opportunities?

Much like any type of sport when it comes to the number, range and variety of different bets and wagers that you are going to be able to play on CS GO games you will find there is almost an endless list of them available.

However, if and when you are good and ready to start placing such wagers online then we would suggest out do your research and select the betting opportunities that appeal to you the most and also make sure you track down and only bet at the betting sites offering you the highest current live odds on your chosen betting propositions!

Can I really win real money betting on CS GO?

There are going to be a small number of betting sites that will allow you to open up a demo type betting account and as such that would be a good type of account to open if you want to learn how to place a range of different CS GO bets and wagers and get used to using an online betting platform.

However, you will of course find that every single one of our top rated CS GO Betting Sites are going to allow you to open up and utilize a real money betting account where all wins and losses will be for real, so you will have the best of both worlds!

How many different bets can I place on a CS GO match?

It often surprises first time and inexperienced CS GO sport bettors when they discover just how wide and varied the number of different betting opportunities are going to open up to them once they sign up to most Sportsbooks that offer eSports wagering opportunities.

We have therefore put together a section of our website that is dedicated to CS GO Betting Guides and by making use of it you will get to discover just how each type of wager has been designed and what you have the chance of winning when you do place any of them online!