CS GO Daily Betting Odds Boosters

CS GO Bonuses and Free BetsYou will never want to experience placing a winning CS GO related bet and then realise that if you had placed your bet at a different sportsbook or bookmaker’s site you would have got better odds and therefore a much larger winning payout!

However, that is something a great number of first time and inexperienced CG SO eSports bettors will experience until of course they have mastered the very fine art of shopping around and not only comparing the various different CS GO betting markets but also familiarising themselves with the many different types of promotional offers available to them.

With that in mind we would suggest you take a good look at each of our featured CS GO betting sites websites and take a look over their promotions pages, as by doing so you will find listed there all of their current and up and coming promotional offers and deals, some of which are known as betting odds boosters.

The way in which betting odds boosters work is that when a live betting market is established for any CS GO tournament or CS GO match, certain bookmakers will increase the price on one or more of the entrants and players in those CS GO games and tournaments.

As such if you place a bet on one of them which do have odds boosters attached to them you will get an increase in  the value of the payout odds and if they will you will then be paid out more than you would have if you didn’t take advantage of those boosters!


In the case of a head to head type CS GO match then it may be the favourite or the outsider that has their odds boosted in that way. Therefore, if you have betting account sat different betting sites then there may be occasions when it is possible to place a bet on every single tournament entrant for example by taking advantage of one for more odds boosters and guarantee a winning return even after placing a bet on all of the entrants!

Also be aware that all of our featured and top rated CS GO betting sites have a range of new customer welcome and sign up bonuses that are going to allow you to lock in even greater betting value and as such please do make sure you hunt around for those bonus offers and feel free to claim as many of them as you can do.

Consolation CS GO Bets

If you are new to CS GO betting and want more information on a range of different yet related CS GO betting topics then please spend some time looking around our website as you are going to find a huge array of betting guides, articles and news stories you will find helpful and informative!

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