CS GO Betting TipsYou are probably going to be looking around the web for a range of betting tips and strategies in regards to you placing a range of different CS GO bets and wagers, however there is no sure-fire way that you are going to be guaranteed of winning when betting on any CS GO event!

However, please do read on for below we have put together some of the most popular betting tips that you may be interested in making use of and putting into place when you are ext in a CS GO betting frame of mind!

Follow the Money

One way that you may wish to use to determine just which bets and wagers to place on any CS GO tournaments or matches is to simply follow the money.

That will simply see you placing your bets and wagers onto the favourite player to win each match as those are always going to be the players that do attract the highest volume of wagers. Just keep in mind that whilst the favourite player will win a fair number of matches, there will come a time and quite often when the outside can win too!

Do Your Research

One of the best ways to determine just which CS GO wagers to place is to actually do your research on any up and coming matches. That can often mean you do spend a lot of time looking into the past and current form of each player to see which one is likely to win.

There are of course going to be lots of other defining aspects in regards to the likelihood of which player will have the very best chance of winning any match or tournament, and you will start to pick them up once you do start to do some fairly detailed research on each player!

Make Use of Comps and Bonuses

Starting any gambling session with more money in your betting site account than you deposited is something that many sports bettors will be eager to do and that is not going to be too difficult as there are many betting sites that will be offering you a wide and very varied range of different free bets, bonuses and special additional promotional offers.

Not every single CSGO betting site bonus is going to be valued packed or offer you a set of fair and reasonable terms and conditions, and with that in mind make sure you check through all of the terms and conditions attached to any bonus offers you are thinking of claiming and making use of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in learning more about CS GO then please do feel free to spend as much time making use of and reading through any of our additional guides and articles of which we have many available throughout this website. However, we are now going to be answering lots of different questions relating to betting on CS GO as we can do so read on to learn more!

Will CS GO be compatible with a PlayStation 3?

It is safe to say that no matter what type of device you wish to access and play CS GO on you are going to find the gaming platforms available are going to be fully compatible with all of them, much more so the most commonly used devices and consoles.

Therefore if you have a PlayStation 3 you will have no problems what so ever being able to play or access CS GO gaming platforms and will find the game runs and works seamlessly on it!

What CS GO betting sites are trustworthy?

One thing we do want you to be fully aware of is that there are lots of different CS GO betting sites that you can make use of some good some bad! However, we want you to stick to placing your bets and wagers at sites that are going to be giving you a fully rounded gambling experience and will also adhere to the very highest of industry standards. Therefore we have tested out and approved a small handful of CSGO betting sites and would encourage you to stick to gambling only at those sites.

What types of CSGO promotions are available?

Filling your boots with lots of free bets, high valued bonuses and all manner of little extras is something we are pleased to say that you will be able to do whenever you make the very wise decision of gambling at any of our featured and top rated betting sites.

We do have a special section of our website dedicated to CS GO Bonuses and Promos and would encourage you to take a look through that part of our site to gain a good understanding of the type of bonuses and promos you will be able to make use of and claim!

What types of CS GO bets are most likely to win?

You will be best advised to stick to placing your initial bets and wagers on the low risk betting opportunities is associated with any CS GO matches as that way you will have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning. It is the odds being offered to you that will determine the chances of your bets and wagers winning, so the shorter the odds the more likely that betting opportunity is likely to win.

Can I bet in my own home currency?

As we have so many different CS GO betting sites showcased on our website one thing that we are fairly confident of is that you will find many of them will give you the option of opening a betting account with them and will also be able to select your home currency as the one used to make deposits, wager and also make withdrawals.

So make sure you do select such a site as that way you will not be paying Forex related fees and charges to turn your home currency into another and back again when you cash out!