PaySafeCard DepositsIf you are one of the many people to there who does fancy placing bets and wagers on CS GO games and tournaments but you are a little wary about using a debit or credit cards to fund your betting site account then there is another option available to you.

That is by using a prepaid voucher that you can purchase in cash from a local store, one such prepaid voucher is a PaySafeCard and by purchasing one you will never need to give out your personal banking details or credit or debit card account numbers to any CS GO betting sites!

No Additional Fees Charged

One of the best advantages of using a PaySafeCard is that you are never going to have to pay any fees or charges when you purchase those vouchers or when you redeem them in any CS GO betting site account!

Deposit Only Option

Finally please be aware that at this moment in time you can only use PaySafeCard to make a deposit into a betting site, and as such if you want to make a withdrawal then you will of course be able to do so but will have to select a different payment option from those offered at the betting site you are betting at!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place CS GO Bets on a Windows Phone?

If you have a mobile device that uses the Windows operating system then you are going to find plenty of CS GO betting sites will have a fully compatible mobile betting platform that will allow you to seamlessly place bets and wagers on that device.

Windows mobile device users are of course going to be able to make use of lots of instantly credited CS GO Betting site bonuses and promotional offers, so make sure that you spend some time looking around out site and finding out about those bonus offers!

Are multiple bets accepted on CS GO tournaments?

You will be able to place multiple bets on many different CS GO matches and tournaments. However, it will be beneficial for you to ensure that the betting site you are a member and customer off is offering you the best odds on your selected players.

If you are looking to place one or more multiple bets then we would suggest you sign up to our featured CS GO betting sites as those site you see showcased and listed on our website will be offering you not only the best odds in the industry but they are fast paying betting sites too.

Will Craps table games also be available at CS GO betting sites?

The CS GO betting sites we have chosen to present to you throughout our website not only offer betting opportunities on CS GO matches and tournaments but you are going to be able to play a range of additional Craps games at many of those betting sites too.

CS GO Craps Games

Craps games can be played for free or for real money at those betting sites so if you wish to take a break from your betting activities and try your luck at something else then that is something those Craps games will be offering you!

What other payments options can I use?

If you do not wish to use PaySafeCard then there are of course plenty of other banking options available to you that may be much more convenient or have smaller fees and charges associated with using them.

One payment option you may wish to consider using instead of PaySafeCard is a Debit Card, you will find plenty of our best rated CS GO Betting Sites allow and accept Debit Card and will of course give you access to lots of betting bonuses and promotional offers too when you do make any value of deposit using Debit Card so do consider using it.

Where should I look for CS GO tournament news and information?

There are of course many different resources you can make use of online in regards to look up more information of CS GO matches, tournaments and players and as such if you do want to learn more and do some additional research then take a look over the PC Gamer website as they do have a large range of CS GO stories and news articles you will find of great use.