CS GO Betting GuidesWe would advise you to make use of our wide and very diverse range of different betting guides of which we have many located around our website, as by doing so you will get a much greater understanding of the individual and more unique types of bets you can place on CS GO.

However, in this guide we will give you a general overview of the most commonly placed bets and wagers which should give you a good grounding in regards to some of the initial types of bets and wager you may be interested in placing as a first time CS GO eSport bettor.

Outright Match Winner CS GO Bet

The first type of betting opportunity that is guaranteed to be available to you irrespective of the betting site you do decide to sign up to and bet at is an Outright Match Winner type of bet.

When you place such a  bet you simply need to select one of the players that you think is going to win that match, and you will be offered odds on him or her doing so. Be aware though that the odds available can vary from betting site to betting site so you will of course be best advised to sign up to a few of our featured betting site and then compare the odds on offer.

That way you can see what live odds are currently available on your chosen player and place an instant bet on that player once you have found the best odds available!

Cosmetic Item Bets and Wagers

As a player is playing a CS GO match he or she will be able to pick up a range of additional CS GO cosmetic items as they play, some of those items can be very high valued ones, and as such are quite rare to get.

You will find numerous betting sites may give you the option of betting that a player will pick up certain cosmetic items as they are playing, however keep in mind the odds will of course fluctuate dependent on just which items you have chosen to select.

Handicap CS GO Betting Opportunities

If there are two players matched up to take part in any CS GO match and one of those players is deemed to be a red hot favourite to win the match then what you will often find is that many betting sites are going to offer you a Handicap type of betting market on those matches.

When you do come across such a betting market one of the players will be given a head start and therefore their win odds for that match will be lowered but the favourite to win the match will also have their odds increased to make them more attractive to bettors.

Unique CS GO Betting Markets

As there is such a wide variety of different CS GO betting sites what you will also find is that in an attempt to attract eSports bettors to those sites a range of very unique betting opportunities will be made available to you from time to time.

So if you are looking for some of the more unique and unusual betting opportunities on a range of different CS GO matches and tournaments you should consider making a note of just what special types of bets are available.

The odds available on these types of betting opportunities can actually be more generous and higher in value than are available on a standard CS GO betting platform so there can be some large valued potential payouts available if you make use of them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this final section we are going to be looking at a range of different questions that we just know many CS GO sports bettors and fans will be seeking the answers to. Also, please do be aware that you will find a range of additional CS GO guides, articles and news stories around our website that will give you an even greater insight into this very popular eSport too.

Can I play CS GO on Microsoft Windows?

You will be pleased to learn that if you have a device that as Microsoft Windows installed up on it as its operating system then you are going to be able to use that device to play CS GO. All of the gaming platforms you will come across are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and will work seamlessly with any such device you own or have access too.

Where should I bet on CS GO?

We would always advise you to stick to betting at the biggest betting CS Go betting sites, and to make choosing one simple we have several of them listed and reviewed throughout this website. Each of those CSGO betting sites offer a range of exclusive promotional offers to our website visitors and each of them are fully licensed which ensures they all adhere to an industry wide set of standards.

Are bonuses available to CS GO bettors?

There are going to be so many different CS GO bonuses and promotions that you can claim and make use of we have set aside a section of our website that is going to walk you through and give you a complete overview of each type of bonus available. We would encourage you to read through that section of our website as you are bound to find many of those bonuses appealing and well worth claiming too!

What is the best CS GO betting strategy?

We are often asked what the best strategy for betting on CS GO is and the best advice we can give to anyone who does fancy placing any type of bets or wagers on eSports is to ensure that you fully research the players and always make sure that you track down the best odds available. Plus, take advantage of any generous bonuses or free bets that are on offer to you too as that way you will lock in the maximum value form your bankroll.