This entire website is going to be giving you an insight into the global phenomenon that is CS GO. With that in mind we would suggest you read through this guide as you are going to get a much greater understanding into exactly what CS GO is and the many betting and wagering opportunities that will become available to you at various different CS GO betting sites.

In the last decade or so you may have noticed a very sharp increase in regards to the number of eSports that sports bettors are able to place bets and wagers on, and that is exactly what CS GO is, one of many electronic sports that are played by millions of people the world over every single day of the week.

CS GO Betting

If you are of an age when you can recall the 1970’s and 1980’s then you will remember a range of the very first video games to become available and you may have had one of the small number of different games consoles required to play those games on at home.

In fact many teenagers growing up in the 1980’s will have played games such as Space Invaders and Pacman, probably in a local amusement arcade, and one of the main aims of playing those video games was to achieve a high enough score so they could get their names on the Leaderboard of the highest scoring players!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

As technology has got more and more advanced and with gaming consoles now becoming much more affordable as well as being connected to the internet, that has led to a huge number of gamers to take their video game playing online and participate in online head to head games with players based all over the world.

One game that became something of an overnight hit with such players was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS GO as it is known. That game was designed and developed by Hidden Path Entertainment in association with another company, that being Valve and is now firmly established as one of the most played video games online.

Betting on CS GO

Each day a huge number of CS GO players log on to the internet and play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with other players and there are many competitions held whereby players can play in a tournament fashion over any number of hours or days.

It is on those competitions that anyone has the ability of placing bets and wagers on which players they think are going to be the highest scorer, and there are in fact a huge number of different bets and wagers you can place on all major CS GO events.

If you are interested in joining the millions of eSports bettors the world over who place bets and wagers on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches and competitions then we would advise you to have a good look around our website as we list all of the best CS GO betting sites, have lots of exclusive betting bonuses to showcase to you and have a wealth of addition articles, guides and news stories for you to make use of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions relating to CS GO, and as such if you are interested in learning more about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive then please do read on, but also do make use of our additional guides and articles located throughout our website.

Can I bet on CS GO for small stakes?

One of the main attractions for many sports bettors is that you are going to find plenty of CS GO betting sites with low minimum deposit options and will also find you can place some very low valued bets and wagers too. As such you will always be in control over what you can bet on and how much you wager when you make the wise decision of signing up to our featured eSports sites.

Are betting bonuses available to eSports bettors?

As a new customer and member of any of our featured Cs GO betting site you are going to be welcome on board once you register as a new player with a quite diverse range of CS GO betting bonuses. So please do spend some time looking over the website of our approved eSports betting sites for information and an insight into those betting bonuses and special promotional offers too.

Is there are CS GO betting strategies?

There are quite a number of very well thought out and structured SC GO betting strategies, and if you are consider placing nay number of bets and wagers yourself you will be best advised to make use of our betting strategy articles and guides as they will enlighten you on the best ways to place your wagers to increase your winning chances!

When do CS GO matches take place?

You are going to be amazed at just how many CS GO matches do take place throughout the week, whilst the ones that attract the most bets and wagers are of course the major competitions and tournaments there are lots of smaller head to head matches taking place throughout the day and night and as such you are always going to be able to place a bet on your own personal favourite gamers and players!

Can I bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in my own currency?

One thing that you are going to appreciate if you do fancy placing bets and wagers on a wide and varied range of different eSports including of course Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is that when you initially sign up to any eSports betting sites you will be given the option of choosing which currency you want in place on your betting account. You should select the currency you use at home to escape having to pay any currency exchange rate fees and charges!